1 x £10 (New Style)


25% larger as original 

– Single sided 

– High quality print

– Polymer look paper

– UV Markings

– Duplicate serial numbers (may change depending on batch)

– Unnoticeable legal reproduction markings

– The closest you can get to the real deal legally

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Seeing is believing!  We offer a “sample note” tester option for each of our products.

25% larger than original, Single side print, High quality waterproof print, Same serial number (may change depending on batch), printed hologram (not mirrored)  reproduction markings, The closest you can get to the real deal legally!

PLEASE NOTE- Our prop notes are NOT legal tender and any attempt to use them as such would be illegal. We do not sell counterfeit money. We sell excellent prop money. We do not intend to miss sell our product or mislead. We take no responsibility or liability for any action involving our products. See refund policy.
This is Prop Money designed for on camera and novelty purposes.

11 reviews for 1 x £10 (New Style)

  1. Happy – August 29, 2020:

    Very near to the real thing

  2. Justin – August 29, 2020:

    Excellent service I’m a regular customer of 3 years. Live changing giving the middle finger to the establishment!!

  3. Fcuk – August 29, 2020:

    Fcuk the law what do we get. Love the buzz of using these notes in big corporate wanker shops

  4. Ty – August 29, 2020:

    I spent one at the nightclub

  5. Tim – August 29, 2020:

    Be back for more

  6. Dave – September 4, 2020:

    Good. Loved the samples but then they refunded me my big order and said that they thought I planned to use the notes illegally. Won’t sell to me now ??

  7. Harriso – January 5, 2021:

    Absolutely great quality, defo buy it again

  8. Pol – January 13, 2021:

    Amazing product. I was so happy when i started using these last year. life is great

  9. Harry – February 20, 2021:

    Theses are the best I have found online

  10. Yan – March 29, 2021:

    I normally get euros but I recently got pounds English. I was really impressed with the new polymer design. feels and looks really good guys. only site to offer samples before you order big. can’t wait for the new euro design to get on this site. but the older version is fine for my needs.

  11. Jay – March 29, 2021:

    When I first started looking for notes I found many scam sites. Nigerian guy cheating behind a computer. However this site is different they accepted to send me samples. No other site did this and for the sake of a few quid I tried. I have developed good relationship and use this site lots. I am very happy

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